The Mentor App is a very powerful support tool for students.

It is provided to all students as soon as they commence the AMAYDA Resilience Program (ARP) and is available to them until they complete their entire high school education (provided the school retains the ARP).

About the App

The App is like having a mentor with every student at all times, providing a continual source of important and relevant information, designed to consistently develop their ability to manage conflict, as well as provide up-to-date tips and strategies from our psychologist to improve their mental health. The ability to record and report bullying incidents easily and quickly promotes an increased feeling of safety.


Key functions of the App

Record Bullying Incident

Many bullying incidents go unreported, much like crimes, due to the reluctance by victims to record and report incidents. Mentor makes the process fast and easy, with less stress, as no interaction is required with school admin staff. Reports are received by school admin staff (each school selects their report recipients), however, the settings allow the report to be sent to parents/guardians (if selected by student). Bullyproof receives a notification of the incident for data collection purposes only.


Bullyproof send regular updates on bullying prevention and mental health issues to ensure students are continually supported with the most up to date information. Our registered psychologist also provides timely videos, discussing current topics that may be affecting students.

Help Lines

This page provides quick access to call free help lines: Kids Helpline, Lifeline, Beyond Blue, Headspace, 000.

Online Resources

This page provides a range of online resources for students, where they can access additional information on bullying and mental health. These resources are continually updated to provide easy access to the best available resources.

Learning Centre

The learning centre allows students to review all ARP lessons as often as they want, as well as continual videos/ updates on bullying prevention and mental health strategies. Notifications will advise students when there is new material available.

Complete ARP Survey

The ARP Surveys consist of approximately ten questions, which students complete (using the App) when they start the ARP (to monitor their mental health and confidence levels regarding bullying management), when they complete the ARP (to gauge the level of improvement the ARP has made to their mental health and bullying management abilities) and then approximately once per year to monitor their ongoing mental health and confidence levels regarding bullying management. ARP Survey results are sent to Bullyproof and the school. This information provides schools with a good understanding of how they are managing bullying at their school, as well as to the mental health of the students. These surveys also help both the school and Bullyproof to monitor the effectiveness of the ARP, which assists with ongoing development, government funding, school compliance, etc.

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