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Bullyproof Australia (“Bullyproof”) currently provides financial support to all Australian schools for

  • Bullying prevention and management
  • Mental health improvement
  • Academic performance

School bullying is a serious problem in Australian schools, negatively impacting all students (victims, perpetrators and bystanders), as well as teachers.

Mental health is also a continuing and growing problem. Together, bullying and mental health are costing Australia many billions of dollars per year and impairing schools from achieving their academic objectives, as various government studies have confirmed the relationship between educational attainment and the frequency of bullying.

Bullyproof believes that Australian schools should be a place where both students and teachers feel respected, appreciated, liked, safe and happy, which is an ideal learning environment – but if nothing changes, nothing changes!

A paper, Children who bully at school, produced by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, confirms that a school-based program designed to reduce behaviour problems, is a very effective approach to reduce bullying. Bullyproof implement the extremely effective AMAYDA Resilience Program (“ARP”), which has already achieved outstanding results across thousands of school children.

The current focus of Bullyproof is to introduce the ARP into all Australian schools as soon as possible.

The ARP is about changing the culture at Australian schools to create an ideal learning environment. We owe it to the children, who are the future leaders of our country. We also owe it to the teachers to provide them with a safe and enjoyable workplace, free from the constant problem of managing behavioural incidents, as well as bullying from students and parents.

As Bullyproof realise that schools have limited funding available, we are continually raising funds to ease the financial burden on schools. We’re also aware of the time constraints faced by schools. We address these two problems by:

  • Raising funding to support schools.
  • Keeping the program to just one hour per week over one term, a total of ten hours. The reason we can achieve such positive results is because the ARP provides ongoing support until students complete Grade 12.
  • The ARP is licensed to schools. The school nominates the teachers they would like to run the program (often HPE teachers) who complete the online training course, after which Bullyproof staff come to each school and teach the teachers how to run the program, which they can roll out in accordance with their timetables. The program support materials provided to the teachers are exceptional, which is designed to make implementing and running the program as easy as possible.

If you are a principal from an Australian school seeking financial support for bullying and mental health, please complete the form below and we will contact you to discuss how we can assist with funding to implement this highly successful program at your school as soon as possible.

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