Bullyproof Australia (“Bullyproof”) is a national ACNC registered charity and
continually raises funds from governments, companies, and individuals, and uses these funds to provide financial support to schools to enable them to implement and maintain the highly effective AMAYDA Resilience Program at their school.

Bullyproof currently operates the following pricing model, although the price each school pays will be substantially less than this, based on the level of funding Bullyproof has available at the time of implementation by each school.

Implementation year: $50,000 *

Implementation of the AMAYDA Resilience Program includes; preliminary
discussions with school principals and authorised staff, onboarding of the school, online and face-to-face training of all teachers at the school, additional training of all ARP Teachers (i.e., the teachers who will implement the program at the school), provision of online portals and all support materials for school staff and ARP Teachers, culture pack, onboarding of the Mentor App to all students, parents and teachers and continual support during rollout of the program.

Subsequent years: $25,000 *

For subsequent years, Bullyproof provide continual monitoring and support for each school, including training of all new teachers, onboarding and offboarding for all students, teachers and parents, as well as continual support through the Mentor App for all students, teachers, and parents.

*Prices are subject to change without notice. Various payment options are

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