What We Do

We are an Australian registered charity focused on three key areas of support to all Australian schools:

  • bullying prevention and management, which is delivered through the highly effective and proven AMAYDA Resilience Program, which includes ongoing support until students complete Year 12;
  • mental health management and improvement through education and support, which is also delivered by the AMAYDA Resilience Program, as well as ongoing support; and
  • improved academic performance, which is achieved by changing the culture at schools to create an environment that encourages optimal learning.

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the culture towards bullying and mental health at every school in Australia. Our belief is that an ideal learning environment is one where students and teachers feel safe, appreciated, respected, liked and happy.

Our Method

We adopt a pro-active approach and teach practical solutions to a wide range of bullying situations, based on achieving the “best outcome for everyone” – whilst developing self-esteem, respect and resilience. Students are taught effective strategies so they know how to work together to ensure no one gets hurt.

Funding and Support

We continually raise funding through all levels of government, as well as through the corporate sector and the general public. We use this funding to provide financial support to Australian schools to implement the AMAYDA Resilience Program and Mentor App. Continual monitoring of results and further development of the program ensures that we maintain our objectives.

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